Cigar Lounge Do’s and Don’ts

Is it your first time going to a cigar lounge? Have you been going to cigar lounges for a long time but need a refresh on the etiquette? In this video you will learn all about what to do, and what not to do in a cigar lounge.

[Cigar Guide] Top 7 Best London Cigar Smoking Lounges | Kirby Allison

Want to know more about cigar smoking in London? Kirby Allison provides an updated guide to where to smoke cigars in London and his top 7 picks. From James J Fox Sampling Lounge to Marks Club.

The World’s Most Rare Cigar Humidors | Davidoff of London | London Update Series | Kirby Allison

In today's video, Kirby is delighted to start his new London Update Series, by catching up with his old friends, Edward and Eddie Sahakian, of Davidoff of London. Join them as Kirby finds out how they have fared throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as how they are flourishing, coming out of the other side of lockdowns.

Why Cuban Cigars Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Cuban cigars hold a reputation as the world's most opulent tobacco product. A box of good quality Habanos can cost thousands of dollars. Every hand-rolled Cuban cigar goes through about 500 manual tasks from seed to cigar.

Cigar Expert Teaches How To PROPERLY Smoke Cigars || Gent’s Lounge w/ Puro Trader

There are a lot of little things that make a big difference when it comes to lighting and cutting your cigars. Make sure you are following these steps to get the best experience possible.

What is the BEST Way to Cut a Cigar? | Complete Cigar Cutting Guide

What is the best way to cut a cigar? Well in this video we are looking at the 3 most popular ways to cut a cigar. The V Cut, straight cut, and the punch. All 3 ways have their own pros and cons. The staight cut, v cut and punch are all great options for cutting your cigar and enjoying it. Hopefully after this you can make you own decision on which method for cutting your cigar is the best for you.

How to…smoke a cigar

We meet Edward Sahakian, owner of world famous cigar shop Davidoff London, who shows us the correct way to smoke a cigar, from choosing the right cigar to lighting the cigar - and how long it takes to smoke a cigar.