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Sheikh Zayed Festival celebrates the New Year with international shows and events

The Organising Committee of the Sheikh Zayed Festival, which is currently being held in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi, has lined up a series of world-class folkloric and entertainment events and performances as part of its New Year celebrations.

This step highlights the Festival’s leading position as one of the world’s most reputable cultural and entertainment festivals.

Celebrating the New Year, the Sheikh Zayed Festival is set to host a series of outstanding events and shows to welcome 2022. On top of which will be the largest 40-minute fireworks display, in an attempt to set three Guinness World Records in terms of volume, duration and form, offering the Festival visitors an exceptional experience within the first minutes of the New Year.

The Festival will also organise a gigantic drone show that will hover the skies of Al Wathba, organised under the theme “WELCOME 2022” and using 2022 drones. This will be the first show of its kind and magnitude in the world.

The New Year’s Eve celebrations at the Festival will include a musical concert for the “Voice of the United Arab Emirates”, Aida Al Menhali, who will sing several of his most popular songs. Iraqi singer Ali Saber will also join the concert to perform some of his best songs.

The celebration will also include many special events and shows for children, including theatre shows and circus performances, in addition to fun games at Funfair City, and entertainment activities at Al Forsan International Sports Resort, among many more activities that will start from 16:00 to 1:00.

The pavilions of the participating countries will celebrate through a variety of carnival entertainment performances, international art and cultural shows that will roam around the Festival’s areas, providing a joyful and thrilling experience to visitors and turning the Festival into an international art carnival to celebrate the New Year.

The Festival visitors can walk between the various pavilions and enjoy the colorful folkloric arts and crafts, the traditional songs and dances of the participating countries from around the world that are performed by specialised artists and performers in their traditional costumes and on the various international stages at the pavilions. At the forefront of these performances are the Emirati heritage dances, such as the very-popular Al Yola and Al Razfa, which will be performed by leading Emirati performers. This year, the Sheikh Zayed Festival has a thrilling list of major entertainment events and performances ranging from heritage shows, educational and entertainment activities, including celebrations of the International Civilisation Parade, New Year celebrations and other events that suits the whole family.

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