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Ferrari F8 Spider Review | 4K

Paul was lucky enough to get behind the wheel of the Italian supercar, named after it’s engine, which was named the greatest for the past 20 years! The lineup of V8 Ferrari models started with the 308 many years ago, and now the F8 gets a turbocharged, 3.9L V8, which revs to 8,000 RPM.

It’s packed full of technology too, no doubt brought over from their years of racing in Formula 1. The front air duct and active aero spoiler help increase downforce, whilst the new front radiators and air intakes are derived from the 488 Challenge car and designed to improve cooling and to reduce drag, straight from motorsport!

Pricing on F8 Spider starts from £225,000, but Ferrari help to keep the cost of ownership down, by offering 4 years warranty and 7 years free servicing on every new Ferrari model. That’s something you don’t see on your every day car!

It’s no question that the F8 Spider is the best in it’s class when compared to competitors, there is something very special about driving a Ferrari!

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