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Sheikh Zayed Festival celebrates the New Year with international shows and events

The Organising Committee of the Sheikh Zayed Festival, which is currently being held in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi, has lined up a series of world-class folkloric and entertainment events and performances as part of its New Year celebrations. This step highlights the Festival’s leading position as one of the world’s most reputable cultural and entertainment […]

How US Aircraft Carriers Defend Themselves When Surrounded

A feature on the myriads of threats faced by the sea-going air base of naval forces worldwide, ranging from fast attack boats, to long range anti ship missile that could render the mammoth vessel inoperable.

Serial Killers: William Burke and William Hare (The Body Snatchers) – Documentary

The Burke and Hare murders were a series of 16 killings committed over a period of about ten months in 1828 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Truth About 9/11 | The British Conspiracy Road Trip (US History Documentary) | Real Stories

Andrew Maxwell takes five typical young British conspiracy believers on a road trip from New York to Washington to try and tackle the truth about the events of 9/11.

Working In Asia’s Largest Slum: The Clothing Factory (Poverty Documentary) | Real Stories

Six young fashion lovers visit India to learn how the clothes they wear are manufactured. The group are put to work in the backstreet factories of Dharivi, Asia's largest slum.

America’s Most Wanted Woman | Crime Documentary with Trevor McDonald | Absolute Documentaries

Sir Trevor McDonald meets more inmates inside two of Indiana's most dangerous women's prisons. Among them are Dawn Hopkins, who was sentenced to life for murdering her three-month-old son...

The Story Of Britain’s Youngest Serial Killer (True Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

James Fairweather, 15, terrorised a nearby community with a series of violent attacks that claimed the lives of two individuals. What drove him to commit such atrocious murders?

Is The Earth Actually Running Out Of Oil? | The Struggle For Oil | Spark

Recently the Colonial Pipeline in Texas was hacked by cyber-criminals that shutdown fuel and gasoline supplies in America. Oil is precious commodity that is essential to human society but as the planet looks towards ecological alternatives, how in danger are we are running out of oil before it's too late?

Flying Objects A State Secret | UFO Documentary

Are UFOs real? Unidentified flying objects have been a state secret for a long time. In less than 100 years, mankind has experienced a wide range of U.F.O./U.A.P. phenomena the world over. From these experiences, fascinating data has been gathered by military, government, and private organizations in key geopolitical countries, leading people within these organizations to believe that a unified human effort should be undertaken to study extraterrestrial phenomena.

Documentaries 2021 | The Dark Web – Black Market Boom – Full Documentary

We provide fresh new full documentary 2021 every other day and most of the time we publish independent films, which in fact are the most shared, highest rated and most commented videos on the site.

The future of modern warfare: How technology is transforming conflict | DW Analysis

The world is entering a new era of warfare, with cyber and autonomous weapons taking center stage. These technologies are making militaries faster, smarter, more efficient. But if unchecked, they threaten to destabilize the world.

21st Century Hackers | Full Hacking Documentary 2021

This Hacking Documentary takes you to the world of Modern Hackers and their Hacking techniques.