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NOVITEC refines the Ferrari Roma

518 kW / 704 hp, 882 Nm of torque and over 325 km/h Carbon aerodynamic-enhancement kit and hi-tech forged wheels. Ferrari is further expanding its extensive vehicle range with the Roma. NOVITEC, globally leading refinement specialist for the sports cars from Maranello, now offers an exclusive customization range for the coupe. The NOVITEC engine tuning […]

سيارات كهربائية لبنانية… من قلب الأزمات إلى العالم

وسط الأخبار السوداوية التي تطل على المواطنين يوميًّا، بات اللبناني يفتش عن أي خبر “عكس التيار”. خبر يدخل السرور إلى قلبه ويعيد إليه ذرة واحدة من أمل فقده بعد وصول لبنان إلى مستويات متدهورة لم يصل إليها عبر تاريخه سابقًا. كل القطاعات في لبنان تأثرت في ظل الأزمة التي تضرب لبنان. هي حقيقة لا يمكن […]

Insane Hubless Bicycle

What do you know about hubless bicycles? I've never seen anything like this before! So, behold - truly hubless bicycle that works almost flawless! All you need - fatbike, bearings, some metal and time 🙂

Versace Spring Summer 2021 | Fashion Show

The journey to Versacepolis: Medusa was once the most beautiful woman in Athens. Her charms did not go unnoticed by Athena however, who scolded and banished Medusa in a jealous rage. The charismatic Gorgon now dwells in Versacepolis - a utopian settlement created on the seabed and populated by strong and confident men and women. She reigns there with courage and strength.
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Funny Sports Fails and Bloopers Compilation 2021 #3

This Funny Sports Fails Compilation is a good funny video. It has many Funny Sports Fails and Bloopers 2021. I hope you like the video and leave a LIKE and COMMENT if you did. Sports Fails Funny / Sports Fails Compilation 2021 / Sports Fails and Bloopers / Funny Sports Fails Clean / funny fails 2021 try not to laugh / best funny sports moments

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Sheikh Zayed Festival celebrates the New Year with international shows and events

The Organising Committee of the Sheikh Zayed Festival, which is currently being held in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi, has lined up a series of world-class folkloric and entertainment events and performances as part of its New Year celebrations. This step highlights the Festival’s leading position as one of the world’s most reputable cultural and entertainment […]
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